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Co znaczy No. 1 for fashion slaves

Słownik: Where the vogue is dictated nowadays? Is Paris still showing us what all the rage is? Hard to say – it’s a $ 64 000 question – for sure…
Definicja: At this point of time, Paris is not a capital of fashion industry for everyone. There are lots of metropolises where new trends and innovations are boosted on and on. Each of them is full of traffic jam and hustle bustle as well, not only during rush hours, but all day long. Yet, who cares? Undoubtedly – fashion is one of the most essential parts of their economy. Both London, New York, Milan and, of course – Paris – must present something more than ordinary clothes, fabrics – because it isn’t easy to outdo the rivalry. It’s obvious that designers’ togs should be just precious and take after real works of art.

What we can admit that is unique or interesting in every city connected with models, boutiques and vogue at all? Perhaps, fashion victims should especially pay attention to these towns which are really worthy of praise and deserve a regard. On the contrary, what aspects can prevent us from visiting some cities, at first - being willing to choose them for shopping? At this very okres, you’d be better to get to know as much news about these towns as you need, rather than pick, for instance London – at random. Therefore, I strongly advise you read my short brochure before you’ll start your journey.
I keep my fingers crossed for your shopping!


New York

The main purpose of fashion designers there is to prepare clothes which are good for more than one occasion.
If you’ll buy a skirt, you will certainly wear it to the office and then on a date with your sweetheart or a party next door. It’s no problem. Tags there are universal. Generally speaking – every thing is practical and changes with your every step. What’s more, American specialists really take care of their clients’ perfect appearance. Welcome to land flowing with beauty and happiness.


Oxford Street

According to Polish hairdresser – Robert Kupisz – London is the capital of fashion right now. Why? For him, it’s so simply – this is the only place in the Europe where students can draw inspirations from the street. Streets are dictating new trends, not vice versa. English scholars are commencing their challenge and career aby taking photographs when they’re strolling through the Oxford Street. There they have an opportunity to hit up on awesome ideas and projects. That is what the vogue needs in XXI century – originality, novelty, creativity and, above all – avant-garde. London’s effective shows, great exhibitions are admired aby fashion victims all over the world. aby the way, thirty-four years ago, in this country, the brilliant face and muse of Calvin Klein – Kate Moss, was born. Probably, the best schemat in the world.



There, specialists are placing bet on a good quality of their products, clothes, cosmetics, perfumes and other ones which must be as splendid as possible. The beauty takes first place in their ranking of importance. Furthermore, a smile on a customer’s face should be at least as big as a hole in his pocket after shopping. Besides, the usefulness of fabrics, in fact is the leading point of designers work.



Nothing can convince us more about the magical atmosphere that prevails next to the Eiffel Tower and which is characteristic only to Paris than esprit français. It sounds extraordinary, doesn’t it? It also leads us to the Haute Couture’s shows, attractive for millions. They have been organizing since 1994, twice a year at Cour Carré (part of Louvre). Moreover, where is it possible to find so many fashion celebrities? Where are top designers from? Paris! The list never ends…Coco Chanel, Christian Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, Daniel Hechter, Piere Cardin and more, more other people of merit.

Coming back to esprit français, it’s something what fills the air over the Seine and,
à propos – leaves no stone on the rest of fashion’s capitals. Due to french shows void
of commerce, little bit of romance, femininity, big dose of humor, individuality, various inspirations from different cultures and origins, unique offers for people at every age, care ness for details… But, first of all, the top place should still belong to Paris because of classy clothes and perfect style.
It’s not a coincidence and these values are not for sale.

That’s why we can have an impression that fashion is also filling the air there.
Everything is so real in Paris; the vogue seems to be for Frenchmen “art de vivre”, that is the art of life. It sounds great, isn’t it? Each person should be oneself, ought to find such beautiful clothes to feel self-assured thanks to their luxury, quality.

When you’re in Paris, please – take a look at unique details, great architecture, and delicious menu at the restaurant. See a finesse and artistry of this paradise for fashion lovers. Polish designers: Paprocki & Brzozowski are emphasizing one more fact. Simply, French citizens have a special view on vogue like people nowhere else.
Vive la France!


Nowy świat

I won’t write anything about Polish designers. That’s a pity – but our nation isn’t presenting to other countries new trends. I will focus on a place where foreign visitors and my fellow citizens can purchase original clothing and interesting accessory. In Warsaw, we have the one of the best shopping streets in the Europe. “Nowy Świat” it’s probably nothing in comparison with Champs-Élysées or Oxford Street but we can be proud of products and the climate there.

In this place many buildings are situated such as cafes, restaurants, statues or palaces. There aren’t so many tourists due to a fake opinion that Polish shops have nothing to sell. Of course, you’ll not waste your time on “Nowy Świat”! Our manufactures are not mass produced for world consumption. On this street there are lots of small, but chic boutiques, where it’s possible to buy unique things.

Some of them are expensive (for example French clothes, Russian icons), but handbags, purses, coats, belts, men’s and women’s clothes are rather cheap. If you’re tired,
I suggest stopping at the café Blikle to try premium coffee. aby the way, it’s a very nice place to meet and chat. You can also eat frozen yoghurt and ice creams.
Remember – it’s absolutely worth coming there!

Summing up, nowadays, we should be able to choose what interests us the most from
a whole range of products which are served aby the fashion industry. Not only the finest things, but what really suits to our character, personality, face. However, fashion slaves have to know which cities established themselves reputation, not labels and prices are determinants of an ideal style. So, it doesn’t really matter where the no. 1 in the fashion world is located.